We are dedicated to sharing knowledge warren of our origins (the man is not from the monkey), because not only know but at the same time as we implement, we took that best wisdom.

It is a lifestyle that we share. Our feeling is to organize magic, conscious travel. Travel where the goal is not only to collect and accumulate places photos. A journey where the healing is the most important part of our service here at APUKAY.


We are people linked to the evolution of the SER (the I-Am, So-Ham) and consequently in maintaining good health and share universal knowledge through travel, fun and pleasant way connected with nature knowing the once places very little known and have much energy active power.


Tourism we offer is inviting and open to a new vision with regard to what this world called planet Earth in this third dimension. That we are not the only ones who live in the macro cosmos, but there is much more. We have materialized both small that we be separated with nature.