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Our objetive

The goal for seekers who wish to travel with APUKAY is discovering new places and go while healing or at least find each healing their hidden potential, its mission, and so also activate your willpower.

We get out of this mental prison that everyone thinks he is. Exit the routine, stress, tensions, disease, etc.

In short, we are focused on that we have a quality of life, YOURSELF ARE THE HEALER AND BUILDER OF YOUR LIFE, NOBODY ELSE CAN DO FOR YOU.

We are dedicated to sharing knowledge warren of our origins (the man is not from the monkey), because not only know, but at the same time as we implement, rather, what we wisdom.

It is a lifestyle that we share.

Our feeling is to organize magic, conscious travel.

Travel where the goal is not only to collect and accumulate places photos. A journey where the healing is the most important part of our service here at APUKAY.

In addition, these trips are motivators at all levels, through meditation, tranquility, rituals, psychophysics gymnastics, reflective circles, other therapies and activities where everyone can enlighten our life from different levels.

We have extensive experience in issues related to healing and motivation of being.

Open yourself to new and give me this opportunity. Dare to re-discover the true history of mankind and not what we are taught in schools.

VISITS GUIDED TOURS AND CARRY: Cusco, Puno, Lima, Chachapoyas, Bolivia.